Let the TIGHTS do the talkin' & Legs do the Walkin'!
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Only See in Black & White

Velma Canaday black and white workout leggings black workout pants cool workout tights full length tights

It doesn't matter if it's Black or White

So you're not ready to wear all the colors of the rainbow on your gym tights yet. And Let's face it there are days when you want to go unnoticed in the gym so you can just focus, grind and get through your workout.

Here's how to stay in your "all-black gym clothes" comfort zone but adds just enough pizzazz to shake up your routine and still remain low-key.

  1. Select a #CutePrint 
  2. Find Matching Sports Bra, #6packsociety; because lets face it...we all want the 6 pack or something close!
  3. Find the #PerfectSneakers, going with Nike today, because we #JustDoIt
  4. Get Your iPod/iPhone and Headset


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#SixPackSociety sports bra was provided by Definition Clothing.

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