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5 Irresistible Trends You Need On Your Legs!

Velma Canaday heart shaped sock leggings stirrups

Lets talk about trends

TRENDS - We like to keep you moving in your activewear and today we keep you moving forward with trends.  Trust me, you'll want to get your legs into these and be on the forefront of the GYM SWAG and Athleisure movement.

Never heard of athleisure? Okay let me break it down...it's not really a new concept because Guess Why? --- we live in our leggings and activewear all day, everyday, anyway. Athleisure wear is casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.  So you've been doing this for years now and now they've coined a term for it. 

The new styles you see below are the latest and greatest offerings in athletic wear and we make sure you get them here first.
Heart Shaped Booty Leggings by Velma Canaday

Do you have an apple booty, onion booty...have any idea what type you have?... Well you can have a heart booty! We'll make sure of it. Have you seen the heart shaped booty leggings popping up on the gym scene? Well don't be left out, we have 'Hearty' ready for you to accentuate your bum bum bum.

Criss Cross High Waist Leggings by Velma Canaday

Leggings are increasingly becoming more sexy. We're bringing Sexy Back! With 'Sheer Cross' you will find a regular waistband, then two cross strands made of elastic so that it will stay securely in place. Also this has 2 trends, mesh on the legs and the sexy double waistband.

Sock Leggings by Velma Canaday


Sock Leggings are such a bigggggg deal. I mean they have that retro long song feel but with an updated twist because they are actually a part of the leggings. 2 snaps for the built-in fun. It is also an easy way to trick yourself into working out harder...IDK it's just something about dressing up and getting into active wear that makes you feel like you are going to kill it! Don't you think?

Stirrup Leggings by Velma Canaday

Stirrup Leggings, so this is a cross between women who love the longer yoga pants and who want to show off their smooth heels from the recent pedicure. However stirrups are great in and out of yoga...they look especially cool when you are taking aerial yoga or even barre!

Laser Cut Leggings by Velma Canaday

Cut Outs, it's like whenever something has cut outs it's instantly cool. On top of that the placement of the cutouts on the thighs are for that peek-a-boo sexiness.  So for the ladies with thick thighs celebrate them and flaunt them in these beauties, strut your stuff or squat it out --- either way you will look bomb!

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