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Amazon is popular, but its risky for leggings!

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We all know Amazon is a powerhouse of a website. It is true you can get some truly amazing things on the site and score sweet Amazon finds. But the text we received below is all the proof you need to know that:

Amazon is popular, but not approved for leggings!

Amazon Text Message Product Review Compared to Tights Presented by Velma Canaday

I can't say that I am surprised here, this person bought a pair of our anti-cellulite leggings and I guess she wanted more. But wasn't quite in store for what she received from the Amazon warehouse. 

You see it the leggings they received from Amazon were "...total sh*t compared to yours [TightsByVC]. I'm wearing them, but I'll probably change...They keep falling down." The agony of that. We're proud to say no one has ever complained of our leggings rolling down. Our leggings roll up not down. 

Also for $14 you can't really expect a superb product. The anti-cellulite leggings material are special. They hide the imperfections and at $14 you received an imperfect pair. Risky business if you ask me. Our leggings last and you assume 99% less risk buying on shop.VelmaCanaday.com.

😱 Trust me I get it, I used to buy my leggings from Amazon way back in like 2006, but I was NEVER satisfied with them, they hardly ever fit, they were itchy and not great quality and took F O R E V E R to get here.

Who wants to deal with that?

Amazon wants you to get everything from A to Z, but they don't really care about the quality and major specifics like we do. They don't specialize in anything. Tights Presented by Velma Canaday specializes in leggings, yoga pants and with amazing prints and fabrics.

SAVE Yourself the uncertainty, the hassle, the guessing how long it will take to get to your front door. Oh the pain of spending your hard earned dollars on some brand you don’t know or trust... let us spare you.

TightsByVC is here with you and has your back. We’ve been in that place and have been sooo disappointed 😔 which is precisely why we went into business in the first place. We have been obsessing over leggings for a decade, but made it official 3 years ago in July 2015. Did we mention we live and breathe leggings? We happily invite you fellow legging addict to feel safe with getting your fun, trendy or sexy leggings from us. You can email us anytime with questions about products, we can't wait to hear from you.

🆗 Friends don’t let Friends buy leggings from Amazon‼️ 

Again I know you've let  Amazon Prime 📦 woo you into purchases,  but don't let your leggings be one of them‼️ Let's face it we all do a little Amazon online shopping. .

Let me know in the comments any bad experience(s) you've had when ordering leggings or yoga pants off Amazon.

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