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Did Someone Say Valentine's Day?

Velma Canaday dress up high heels high waist valentine's day valentines

Tights Presented By Velma Canaday - Leggings and Louboutins

Did someone say Valentines day?

February, the month of love and as a legging lover  would could be better? I just love the different ways in which you can take a pair of good gym leggings, dress them up and make them look as if they are not made to sweat in. So get ready to paint the night red with legging love!

TightsPresentedByVelmaCanaday Sterling Leggings - Rearview

Be a Lady of the Night

The Valentine's Day key to success is to recognize and stand in your sexy. Yes the hand on your hip type of prowess.  The kind that makes a man skip football and win the Superbowl game of your heart on Valentines. 

TightsPresentedByVelmaCanaday Sterling Sideview

Show Off

Then when you turn around and you can visibly see the hard work of squats and walking lunges. *inserts Arsenio Hall fist pumps* Your love will definitely have to contain themselves from touching your lovely lady lumps all night. Sterling Leggings show off your curves magnificently.

TightsPresentedByVelmaCanaday Tiger Ring view

Fancy Feline Accessory

An outfit isn't complete with out the perfect accessories. I got into the Valentine's groove with the fierce feline ring from Maximus Jewels. It's the perfect compliment to the super sheened paisley print leggings. Maximus Jewels says to Maximize Your Look and I think this fits perfectly!

TightsPresentedByVelmaCanaday YSL clutch

Snatched and Clutched

No Big Purses on Valentine's Day ladies...Clutch it and go! Easy to conceal and you don't have to worry about where you will put your bag.   I know you've hung your bag on the back of a chair before. Then you are constantly checking to make sure it's safe and secure and that your credit cards are all there. Clutches conveniently fit in the comfort of your lap. I paired this outfit with my favorite black clutch by Yves Saint Laurent. Simple and Understated to allow the rest of the outfit to speak for itself.

TightsPresentedByVelmaCanaday Rip The Runway Walk

Will you be my Valentine?

All because the ladies love Valentine's day. The excitement of getting dressed up to go for dinner or see a play with your love. This year throw on a Lace top. It adds a soft and seductive touch, unless it is bright red lace. ... and well we know what that's for.  

These surprisingly come-hither Sterling high waist leggings are great for the ladies who want to have their lobster and dessert too... Tummy Concealing!!!!

Another great piece to have in your wardrobe is a killer coat.  It is cold in February so one must cover up and this beauty of a coat is a part of my high-low fashion style. Sterling leggings are affordable and so was the coat, ringing up at the cash register for $12.50 you might want to visit your local Thrift Store for Fashion Gems. You would be surprised!

Valentines Day This Is It!

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