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More Than Just a Mingle Jingle

Madison Plott events fashion show mingle jingle party

Velma Canaday - Mingle Jingle Event

The holidays are here which means it’s time to socialize and prioritize holiday events and parties...but we really mean prioritize shopping...

Special Deals on Tights Presented by Velma Canaday

Thursday December 14th, Tights Presented by Velma Canaday helped shoppers do just that at the first ever Mingle Jingle holiday pop-up shop event. Mingle Jingle hosted many attendees who had the opportunity to shop for a variety of goodies: from Lip Sense, to food from Ms. Penny’s Kitchen, to drinks from Potent Pours, to custom tees, yoga tees, Be Bold clothing and of course athletic wear from Velma Canaday herself. Velma’s Mingle Jingle just about had it all.

Ms Pennys Kitchen homemade desserts

Jay of Twin Flames Apparel
Shop Be Bold Boutique - Dana Nevels JRS Graphic Tees & Accessories Roxstar Rocking Lip Sense
Madison Plott, a Tights Presented by Velma Canaday employee, loved putting on the event and all of the energy flowing throughout the night. Her favorite part of the pop-up shop event wasn’t the shopping, but more so the fun and Mingly Jingly vibes of everyone in attendance. Everyone was smiling, dancing and sipping on Potent Pours the entire time. It was like one big party that no one wanted to leave!

Boogie On Down - Mingle Jingle event Tights Presented by Velma Canaday
Happy Mingle inglers! - Mingle Jingle Event by Velma Canaday

The Happiest Mingle Jinglers - Tights Presented by Velma Canaday Potent Pours - Mingle Jingle Tights Presented by Velma Canaday Mingle Jinglers
“I think it was a great way to kick off the season,” Plott said. “We have the cutest new leggings in stock, perfect for Christmas gift or holiday parties, and I am so glad we got to share those with our special guest at the event.”

Tights Presented By Velma Canaday Mingle Jingle Models

Guests who Mingle Jingled were awarded shopping discounts and got to participate in games to win prizes. The winner of the Mingle Jingle chairs aka musical chairs won a fabulous new pair of leggings, of course supplied by Tights Presented by Velma Canaday. Also, the winner of a squat competition won a free CrossFit membership from CrossFit Anodyne.

CrossFit Anodyne - Free 1 month Membership Winner

Fashion Show

Did we forget to mention we had a fashion show!!

Pineapple leggings and Zena AF tee

 Hibiscus Leggings by Velma Canaday - Boss Hat

Shimmer Jacket by Velma Canaday

Lemon yoga Pants - killin it tee and Jackie Jacket by Velma Canaday

Needless to say, Mingle Jingle was probably the event of the season; however if you couldn’t make it, don’t worry yet. For limited time, we still have some great holiday pieces in stock. Just visit shop.VelmaCanaday.com

Shimmer Jacket | Sheery V Mesh Bra | Metallica Mesh Leggings by Velma Canaday

Keep Mingling and Jingling from home and Happy Holidays from Tights by V.C.

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