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Suddenly gone Natural, but what about the Pits?

Velma Canaday aluminum free natural natural deodorant paraben free vitamin E

We are on a journey to be healthier versions of ourselves right? So we are reading nutrition labels, ingredient lists, working out, getting all sweaty in our tights, but what about our arm pits?

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Ever stop to think maybe I should try a natural deodorant? Hmmm I wish I could say that that ever crossed my mind, but it didn't and as healthy as I am and as much as I push eating and living healthy. I missed the mark on this. Thank God for friends right?

My good friend Aaliyah Womack, owner of Christian Michael Aesthetics; a studio salon based in Atlanta sells #NaturalDeodorant.  Aaliyah knows how passionate I am about wellness and taking good care of my body, and she let me know my skin care should also be at the top of my list.

She explained that current deodorants and antiperspirants on the market are mostly aluminum based. The chemicals in these products block pores and keeps you from sweating. So imagine walking around with aluminum and harmful chemicals seeping into your skin.

Yikes, and truth be told I think I've tried a number of deodorants in life. I am very active so I needed something strong.  I believe we all used Teen Spirit at some time in our lives, Ban, Soft & Dri (the spray kind), Secret, Degree. The list goes on.

Truth be told, we don't have high standards for selecting deodorants. Or at least I didn't have any standards in place, as long as it smells good.  

What do we do when we go down the deodorant aisle?

  1. Look for a recognized brand
  2. Take the top off, (I don't think we are supposed to do that, but we do)
  3. Take the clear protector off
  4. Twist the bottom to push the deodorant up
  5. Give it a good whiff
  6. Make a decision if we like the smell
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 until we like the smell
  8. **Bonus Step** Get the one that's also in our price range

That's all we do, but I know I switched from Secret to Degree, because Secret no longer kept my sweaty secrets and it didn't keep my underarms as dry as it used to.  I recognize we all have varying degrees of sweatiness.

In the end, I have made the switch and I am not going back. HEALTHY ALL THE WAY TO THE PITS!!! The glide factor is not so glidy on this deodorant, BUT I loveeeeee the pleasant whiff's I got from my new Eucalyptus Mint natural deodorant. It also made me feel happy/proud that I am taking another step to optimize my health. 

Connect with Christian Michael Aesthetics

Instagram: CMAstudio

Web: www.cmastudio.skincaretherapy.net

Location: Suite inside Salons by JC, Atlanta, GA

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