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Amazon is popular, but its risky for leggings!

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We all know Amazon is a powerhouse of a website. It is true you can get some truly amazing things on the site and score sweet Amazon finds. But the text we received below is all the proof you need to know that: Amazon is popular, but not approved for leggings! I can't say that I am surprised here, this person bought a pair of our anti-cellulite leggings and I guess she wanted more. But wasn't quite in store for what she received from the Amazon warehouse.  You see it the leggings they received from Amazon were "...total sh*t compared...

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15 Reasons Leggings are Life!!!

Velma Canaday fabric happy pants jeans leggings legs movement twerk

I literally love leggings, they are life and I don't care what anybody says #LeggingsArePants!! Why is this such a big deal? no one argues about yoga leggings being called "Yoga Pants." Ok, I digress. I decided to sit down really quick and think about all the reasons I am OBSESSED with leggings and what drove me to start my own leggings business.  They always say follow your passion. List of Obsessive Reasons: You don't have to shave your legs; holy grail Easy to throw on, especially in a mad dash Your legs feel more free, as opposed to thigh-sucking jeans ...

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