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The Biggest Mantra at DFW Free Day Of Yoga

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Yoga On The Lawn What a perfect thing to do on Labor Day weekend, before we have to settle into the fall and put away all of summer shenanigans.  Hundreds gathered at the Latino Cultural Center in the heart of Deep Ellum, Dallas this past Saturday for the official kick-off of DFW Free Day Of Yoga.

The Bhakti House Band was in full effect during the event. The house band helped yogi attendees Surrender their mind to the rhythmic grooves. While
DJ Taz spun on the 1's and 2's in the evening for the awesome dance party.


There were a host of mini sessions and classes offered; Mindful Meditation, Breath in Movement, Goddess Chi Flow, Kids Yoga and even a Community Master class. Unfortunately I didn't get to partake in any of the sessions because I had to WO-man my table....

Velma Canaday and her colorful rolling rack of tights

Not to miss out on all the other extra goodies at the Kickoff festival, I should tell you they had a healing tent, body painters with really nice glitter henna and food trucks. Ok so back to the point, or really my only point...

Overwhelmingly in speaking with the Dallas yogis everyone just kept saying Be Open...I'm not a very close minded person, but I did realize I am not truly open to a lot because I want to control outcomes.  Which sometimes can be frustrating when things don't go according to how its mapped in my head.  But in being more "open" it allows you to gain new perspectives and appreciate ocurrences more and what they have come to teach you.  So from this day forward I will awake each day and exclaim... I AM OPEN!

Rebel plant based drinksSee the tights on the beautiful benderMeditative Fitness Stacked Books
*more photos from event and other vendors*

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