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What does a Legging Lover of the Month look like?

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Celebrating Our Legging Lover of the Month

Legging Lover of the Month graphic

I want to recognize a special person & what I call a Legging Lover of the Month...

Shernell Washington

And it just so happens to be her birthday month. Happy Birthday!!!! Another great reason to celebrate her is her weight loss journey all while sweating it out in Tights Presented By Velma Canaday...Here's a little bit of her story, but I'll let her tell it

Shernell Washington Before

Due to health reasons, I had come to the realization, that it was time for me to change a few things, and living a healthy lifestyle was #1 on my list.

I would always make working out a New Years resolution, until this year of 2016, I decided to act on it. By March, that's when I figured out that the only way I was going to make a change, is by consistency, dedication, and determination.

Also, it was something that I really wanted for myself. That's when I began to meal prep, give up all of the junk, drink only water, stop eating after 7pm. I ordered a few pair of Tights Presented by Velma Canaday and that motivated me even more, to continue to work out, because my gear was looking cute! Lol :-) I started working out 5 days a week and attended aerobics classes. 

Shernell After 

As time went on, I made excellent progress. From March to present, I lost 30 pounds. I took pictures in my tights from when I first purchased them, to now, and boy, did that boost my confidence. The tights are not only trendy, but soft, and very comfortable for whatever activities you may have going on.

Thank you Velma, for also being such a huge inspiration to me. You help push me along, stronger, on my journey, and for that, I greatly appreciate you!


S. Washington

Want to be featured next month? I'd love to hear about your joys and triumphs and how leggings were an inspiration...Submit your info to be my next Legging Lover Of the Month

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  • Tights Presented By VC on

    Thanks so much Mildred and Shai!! glad you enjoyed it, feel free to share!

  • Mildred on

    Shernell, this is what I call pressing your way through, when you love yourself and life enough, you get that rush of wind that makes you feel like "do it now! You look amazing and I pray the best for you. This young lady Velma Canaday is such an inspiration not only to young women and men but to the more seasoned individuals who need that extra push, the one thing I have come to realize about her is that she exemplifies everything she has written in her books about taking care of one’s body and also what she spoke of on the Talk Show. May God Bless her.

  • Shai on

    Congrats Shernell!!! You look amazing!!! Thanks for sharing Velma❤️❤️❤️

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