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More Than Just a Mingle Jingle

Madison Plott events fashion show mingle jingle party

The holidays are here which means it’s time to socialize and prioritize holiday events and parties...but we really mean prioritize shopping... Thursday December 14th, Tights Presented by Velma Canaday helped shoppers do just that at the first ever Mingle Jingle holiday pop-up shop event. Mingle Jingle hosted many attendees who had the opportunity to shop for a variety of goodies: from Lip Sense, to food from Ms. Penny’s Kitchen, to drinks from Potent Pours, to custom tees, yoga tees, Be Bold clothing and of course athletic wear from Velma Canaday herself. Velma’s Mingle Jingle just about had it all.   Madison Plott, a Tights Presented...

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Tights By Velma Canaday Takes the Stage

Madison Plott cosmic yogi festival fashion show galactic intergalactic king tut marley models twin flames apparel yoga

Workout leggings are an essential part of every girls wardrobe, but Tights Presented by Velma Canaday proved to be out of this world when they took the stage at the Cosmic Yogi Festival. Cosmic Yogi Festival Fashion Show from Tights Presented By VelmaCanaday. The festival was held Saturday November 11th in Addison Conference and Theatre Centre and attracted yogi's from all across the Dallas/DFW metro. During the festival, many vendors took the stage to promote their brands in a fashion show, but the Tights by Velma Canaday segment stole the show by far. Velma, Owner and founder of Tights Presented...

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Is it more strange to workout on a 🏄 surfboard?

Velma Canaday events fitness pop up shop surfboard workout

I don't know about you, but I've never really given much thought to working out on a surfboard.  Mostly because being an east-coaster...Mid-Atlantic Virginia native we don't typically get suited and booted to surf. We think it's an West coast thang...We just go fishing in our waters, not surfing. However I've moved closer to the west, now living in Texas and I've been introduced to City Surf Fitness. I'm definitely into fitness and like to shake it up from time to time. I am a traditional gym lover, but there are so many boutique style fitness studios popping up to...

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How to absolutely love a hoodie!

Velma Canaday hoodie

I must say, I'm not that much of a hoodie girl.  Mostly because when I think of a hoodie, I think of the thick grey sweatsuit style.  Which, in most cases isn't all that stylish or cute for that matter.  But I guess it's more for comfort, keeping warm and hiding bad hair days. But say hello to my new favorite. Style, this is a hoodie I can get with! The first thing I love about the white hoodie is it has exaggerated arm openings.  It's perfect for showing off a cute bra or sports bra if you happen to wear this...

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Valentine's Day, Take Me Away!

Velma Canaday camouflage dress up high heels high waist valentine's day valentines

Valentine's Day...Take Me Away, but don't take my coat! Coats, especially floor length have been making major waves on the fashion scene. They are what make an outfit or is the outfit in some cases.   Some people can't wait til the weather gets cold just so they can pull out their favorite winter coat.  February is definitely the month to take your coats off your rack and drape them on your back. This year I decided I needed a new coat. I was partially motivated by all the fashionistas I see on social media with REALLY NICE floor length coats....

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