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Did Someone Say Valentine's Day?

Velma Canaday dress up high heels high waist valentine's day valentines

Did someone say Valentines day? February, the month of love and as a legging lover  would could be better? I just love the different ways in which you can take a pair of good gym leggings, dress them up and make them look as if they are not made to sweat in. So get ready to paint the night red with legging love! Be a Lady of the Night The Valentine's Day key to success is to recognize and stand in your sexy. Yes the hand on your hip type of prowess.  The kind that makes a man skip football and...

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What does a Legging Lover of the Month look like?

Velma Canaday celebration consistency dedication determination fitness legging lover meal prep new years resolutions weight loss

I ordered a few pair of Tights Presented by Velma Canaday, and that motivated me even more, to continue to work out, because my gear was cute! Lol  :-)

As time went on, I made excellent progress. From March to present, I lost...

-Shernell Washington

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15 Reasons Leggings are Life!!!

Velma Canaday fabric happy pants jeans leggings legs movement twerk

I literally love leggings, they are life and I don't care what anybody says #LeggingsArePants!! Why is this such a big deal? no one argues about yoga leggings being called "Yoga Pants." Ok, I digress. I decided to sit down really quick and think about all the reasons I am OBSESSED with leggings and what drove me to start my own leggings business.  They always say follow your passion. List of Obsessive Reasons: You don't have to shave your legs; holy grail Easy to throw on, especially in a mad dash Your legs feel more free, as opposed to thigh-sucking jeans ...

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The Biggest Mantra at DFW Free Day Of Yoga

Velma Canaday dallas yoga DFW Free Day of Yoga mantra yoga

What a perfect thing to do on Labor Day weekend, before we have to settle into the fall and put away all of summer shenanigans.  Hundreds gathered at the Latino Cultural Center in the heart of Deep Ellum, Dallas this past Saturday for the official kick-off of DFW Free Day Of Yoga. The Bhakti House Band was in full effect during the event. The house band helped yogi attendees Surrender their mind to the rhythmic grooves. WhileDJ Taz spun on the 1's and 2's in the evening for the awesome dance party.   There were a host of mini sessions and classes offered; Mindful Meditation, Breath...

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Suddenly gone Natural, but what about the Pits?

Velma Canaday aluminum free natural natural deodorant paraben free vitamin E

We are on a journey to be healthier versions of ourselves right? So we are reading nutrition labels, ingredient lists, working out, getting all sweaty in our tights, but what about our arm pits? Ever stop to think maybe I should try a natural deodorant? Hmmm I wish I could say that that ever crossed my mind, but it didn't and as healthy as I am and as much as I push eating and living healthy. I missed the mark on this. Thank God for friends right? My good friend Aaliyah Womack, owner of Christian Michael Aesthetics; a studio salon based...

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