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Velma Canaday granny panties knickers thongs

Granny Panties Are In?...Says Who?! Thongs are definitely not out. Especially when it comes to rocking your leggings care free.  Don't get me wrong I am all for comfort and that's why most individuals buy #TightsPresentedByVC.  The thing is we don't want to show others exactly how comfortable we are in them by wearing full bottom-covering Granny Panties. I love them as much as the next, but not when I'm trying to be super duper #fitchick in my tights!  Granny Panties, Knickers, Bloomers I'm sure you've heard all of these names before. I know my Grandma used to refer to...

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Lucy, Where's Your Tights?

Velma Canaday assembly line chocolate I Love Lucy Jane Fonda legwarmers New Years Resolution Sweatpants Sweatshirts workout

How many people remember the famous scene where Lucy and Ethel are working on the assembly line, assembling chocolates? I bet almost of you do, unless you are too young to recall the classic TV show I Love Lucy. However, this scene is a little less memorable and yet it is perfect! I suppose they needed to burn all those calories from stuffing their mouths when they couldn’t keep up with the conveyor belt speed. Most of us do the same thing. Stuff our mouths with holiday goodies then torch the extra calories at the gym or running. It’s only...

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Are Leggings Pants?

Velma Canaday

This #LeggingsArentPants video is hilarious. We definitely think leggings and tights are pants!!! However there are some sure fire ways NOT to wear them!!! Jamie is giving us all the scoop.   Don't be shy, leave a comment and let us know if you have fallen victim of what not to do! Share the post and make your friends and families laugh!   Leggings ain't pants.....#leggingsaintpants#psa #publicserviceannouncement #jamiespsa Posted by Jamie Higdon Randolph on Thursday, October 15, 2015  

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Only See in Black & White

Velma Canaday black and white workout leggings black workout pants cool workout tights full length tights

It doesn't matter if it's Black or White So you're not ready to wear all the colors of the rainbow on your gym tights yet. And Let's face it there are days when you want to go unnoticed in the gym so you can just focus, grind and get through your workout. Here's how to stay in your "all-black gym clothes" comfort zone but adds just enough pizzazz to shake up your routine and still remain low-key. Select a #CutePrint  Find Matching Sports Bra, #6packsociety; because lets face it...we all want the 6 pack or something close! Find the #PerfectSneakers,...

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Loud Patterned Tights

Velma Canaday pattern tights video workout tights video

See it's really not just me, who wants to be cute, and have fun with their gym outfits! These tights are out of this world and feel crazy good on! They are more flattering and an instant Mood Booster.  Its all the Rave, but I'll let them tell you more watch this Good Morning America clip.  

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