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5 Quick Things about Velma Canaday

Velma Canaday; CEO Tights Presented By Velma Canaday

Founder of Tights By Velma Canaday

Hey legging lovers. It's Velma Canaday and most days you can find me counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to my gym time and looking at healthy recipes in cookbooks

I am mostly known for being In Living Color with my personality, outlook on life and of course my love for colorful things, clothing and leggings.

People often refer to me as the Queen of Tights and not just because of sheer volume, but from the different styles and prints I have and rock proudly in the gym, any and everywhere.

The things I'm most passionate in life about are never letting go of my six pack abs. My second passion is for eating healthy and helping you ladies live healthier lives.

Velma Canaday Abs in sock leggings by Tights Presented By Velma Canaday

When I'm not busy scouring and sourcing new leggings for you guys, you know the fantastically fun leggings or the leggings with pockets, or mesh or scrunch butt you can catch me dancing to reggae, old school hip hop or one of my favs It's time for the Percolator

Velma Canaday in front of her rolling rack of fun tights  

Great, so now that you know I am completely obsessed with leggings ...that's actually one of the reasons I got into this business.

And if you are anything like me you want cute leggings and gym clothes, but you don't want to spend your life's savings. You also don't want to buy cheap cheap leggings either that will be no good after one gym session then this online store is the place for you!

My leggings are designed to keep more money in your pocket and more pep in your step!   I enthusiastically promote an easy active lifestyle you can live is by Looking Good is Feeling Good!  We achieve that with comfortable & stylish Tights Presented By Velma Canaday.

For more information on Velma Canaday; The Author, Nutrition & Wellness Coach please visit CravinFit.com

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