Let the TIGHTS do the talkin' & Legs do the Walkin'!
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Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Tights By Velma Canaday

Share your passion for TightsByVC with your girlfriends, aunts, cousins, mom, sisters, daughters...EVERYONE!

We want to collaborate with you because of how much you already love us at Tights Presented by Velma Canaday. Help us lead the mission that you can never have too many leggings, especially cute ones that don't break the bank.

Become an insider and a part of our fun team. I want you on the team because you are full of energy, you like cool stuff and want to feel connected to a business whose core values  are about encouraging women to appreciate, celebrate and take care of their bodies. And at the core of that it just happens to be fun, lively and affordable athletic wear. You know the kind where you don't feel guilty about purchasing 3 or 4 pair because you can actually afford it

Rewards may include: complimentary TightsByVC merchandise, leggings, brand athleisure wear. ambassador discounts,  new product sneak peaks 

How To Apply to be considered for Tights Presented by Velma Canaday submit an application for our Brand Ambassador Program

We are so excited to get your application and to see how you will keep the energy flowing and getting Tights By VC on everyone around you!

Only Accepting USA applicants for the TightsByVC Brand Ambassador Program

Apply for TightsByVC Brand Ambassador Program Here