Let the TIGHTS do the talkin' & Legs do the Walkin'!
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Size Chart

We know that it be a little unnerving not knowing what size leggings you are since all leggings brand cut their clothing differently.  Our sizing even varies between brands on our own site. Please pay extra attention to the product details which will tell you exclusively if a particular pair of leggings runs small or large. We also include if the material is medium, thick or if it has a lot of stretch.

Here are 3 separate size guides for Tights Presented By Velma Canaday. Please don't get caught up in what size you wear in other brands. We want you to feel comfortable knowing the size, whatever the number is, will fit you perfectly and you will love them!

Size Guide for Tights Presented by Velma Canaday

LEGGINGS - numbers are not exact and are approx.

SMALL 2-4 25-26" 36-37"
S/M 4-6 26-27" 37-38"
MEDIUM 6-8 27-28" 38-39"
M/L 8-10 28-29" 39-40"
LARGE 10-12 29-31" 40-42"
X LARGE 14-16 32-33" 43-45"
XX LARGE 18-20 34-36" 46-49"
XXX LARGE 22-24 37-40" 50-52"


QUEEN/PLUS SIZE: 165-240 lbs


SMALL 28-33" 19" 19.5"
MEDIUM 31-36" 19" 20.5"
LARGE 34-38" 20" 22.5"
X LARGE 37-41" 21" 23.5"